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The walking dead game is also known as the walking dead telltale game series which is an episodic video game that takes places within the Robert Kirkman and the walking dead comic series, and it is an American horror television drama which prequel and companion all the series of the AMC’s as the walking dead games series. The game was developed and published by the important games associated with the help of sky-bound entertainment. The Telltale released the game season 1 episode at the beginning of the 2012 spring, and the game is supported in the devices like PC, MacOS and the PlayStation.

They released this game mainly for ios devices. Lately, the episode 2 was available for download only on the August 29th where the entire first season will be rolling for about the 400 days. The Kirkman developer of the dead game said that unlike the typical zombie games the late game focuses more on the character development, emotion, characterization, and action. The game contains the 7 season where the each season includes the episodes and the each episode include the five points where the players must make the significant decisions choosing the best thing from one of two available options. With the help of the telltale’s servers the game tracks that how many players are selected with the options and the players can also compare their choices with the other player’s base.

The main characters of the walking dead game are listed below.
• Dwight
• Carl Grimes
• Jesus
• Maggie Greene
• Michonne
• Negan
• Rick Grimes

The other players of the game are beta, alpha, Jordan, Abraham Ford and Andrea. The players can interact and examine the items and characters and player must also make use of the inventory environment and the things. Throughout the game, the player is available with the ability to interact with their surrounding environment, and he can also determine the options in nature for interacting. The walking dead games are mainly focused more on the story and characters and have less on the action tropes which tended to the feature in the other zombie based games like left four dead.

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Some parts of the walking dead game require the timed responses from the players who often leads to the significant decisions that will be impacted by the game’s story in the manner of the role playing games. Some conversation of the trees require the players to make a selection within the limited period otherwise the character Lee will remain to be quiet, and this affects the responding capabilities of the other stakeholders. The player has the option to which he can enable it with the choices of notification feature game interface indicating that the character has changed its disposition towards the Lee character as a result of the decisions. Unlike the other RPG like Mass effect or the fallout series the choices fall on the either side of the evil or right scale, and the opportunities with the dead game are so ambiguous that it haves the effect on the attitude of the nonplayer characters. You can watch the walking dead online free here.

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