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Where is that the Baby? – A Quiet Place II

December 29, 2019 Movies 0

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice a big lack of baby within the teaser trailer. this might cause some viewers to grow concerned, but fear not – the accompanying poster seems to suggest that the baby is doing just fine. At least, we expect that’s a baby’s head poking over Emily Blunt’s left shoulder! But this still begs the question – where is that the baby within the teaser? Did they leave it back at home? that does not seem safe! Did they place it within the middle of the forest somewhere with plans to return later? Guess we’ll just need to wait and find out on watch a quiet place 2 online free !

Similar Setting
Because the events happen so on the brink of those of the primary film, the story hasn’t had enough time to expand outside of its temperature. Some may have expected A Quiet Place 2 to require place far within the future, with Evelyn and her family on the hunt. Or, you know, a minimum of during a different location. But that does not seem to be the case. They’re still within the forest, and judging by their sand path, they’re still very on the brink of their farm. However, the ending of the teaser promises some new developments thereon front

They’re Venturing Out
The very end of the teaser trailer seems to suggest that Evelyn and her family are finally leaving the comforts of their farm behind and venturing out into the unknown.
The final shot of the teaser is Evelyn’s foot leaving the sand trail and stepping on a crunchy leaf, which is both a literal and metaphorical image of venturing into the unknown (and noisy) world. We suppose they need some kind of plan or defense reaction to defend themselves. We just do not know what…

Evelyn remains Wearing Her wedding band
As you’ll tell from the above picture, Evelyn remains sporting her wedding band. This seems to suggest that she isn’t over the death of her partner Lee. That, and she or he simply wants to respect his memory and therefore the sacrifice he made for his family. it is a small detail, but a really important detail nevertheless.

Evelyn Still Has The Shotgun
The teaser shows Evelyn holding the shotgun she used at the top of the last film in her left, which seems to suggest that she remains constantly on the defensive. She certainly didn’t kill all the monsters, and it doesn’t look she’s been out hunting round the farm. The monsters are still considerably a persistent threat, such a lot in order that she must HOLD the shotgun in her arm lest she got to use it during a pinch.

Yes, Lee Is Dead
Some Jim Halpert devotees may have theorized that Lee survived the monster assault at the top of the movie. We’re unsure that, but this is often the web. Theories like that are always running rampant. it is also not rare to possess a sequel achieve the entire “he’s not really dead!” twist, but it’s like that may not the case with A Quiet Place 2. Granted, we might never expect the teaser trailer of all things to reveal that Lee is really alive. But yes, by all accounts thus far presented to us, Lee remains dead. Sorry!