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The moment the end credits of Stranger Things Season 2 started to play, audiences were scrambling for information about a Season 3 of Stranger Things. Is it coming back? Will there be a villain? The Demogorgon is not completed with Eleven, is it? Will there be another departure? Are you? Am I? More information is leaking out about the upcoming season (yes, there’ll be another season) from the afternoon, and while remarkably little has been revealed about the storyline of stranger things Season 3, there’s still plenty of information surrounding the Upside Down ’80s show’s future. As an example, Movie Fone reported that Season 3 *may be the showrunner and Ross Duffer’s, Matt and creators of this series. At least, according to a source “with knowledge of the creation.”

Movie Fone says, “Should this come to pass, the next season is going to be the last to feature the Duffers at exactly the exact active capacity as in previous seasons. Meaning they will probably manage the writer’s room and contribute scripts while directing at the watch stranger things season 3 premiere and finale.” Why is this occurring? Well, according to the source, the Duffer brothers and Netflix agreed, so that means moving away from Stranger Things. Maybe. This has not been confirmed nor does it imply the season might be Stranger Things’ last. (Update: Netflix just tweeted that these rumors concerning the Duffer bros. are untrue! Phewf.)

But before we freak out about *anything*, here is everything you will need to know (okay, everything you can apparently know at this stage) about Season 3 of Stranger Things. That is in part because the actors are aging fast, as teenagers are wont to do. “They are going to be nearly a year old by the time we start shooting stranger things season 3,” Matt Duffer told The Hollywood Reporter. You can not start after Season 2 ended. It forces you to perform a time jump. But what I like is that it makes the series is evolved by you. It compels the series to evolve and change because the children are shifting.”

Earlier this month, it was verified that Stranger things Season 3 will have eight episodes, in accord with the first season. “It is not necessarily going to be larger in scale,” Matt Duffer informed Indiewire. “What I’m really excited about is providing these figures an interesting journey to continue.” The Duffers also explain Season 3 as “something almost weirdly more intimate.” “We are going to give Will a break,” Shawn Levy informed Glamour. “We are not going to put Will through hell to get a third season in a row. He will be dealing with stuff, but he will not be at rock bottom how we forced the awesome Noah Schnapp to perform.”

Levy promises that we will “get some Steve/Dustin action,” that is all we have ever wanted in this life. I tried typing that in a less melodramatic manner, but “more characters will fulfill their unfortunate demises” somehow appeared euphemistic. In this manner, delivered such as the plain-spoken gym trainer in Mean Girls (“You’ll get pregnant…and die”) is preparing you for devastation.

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