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watch game of thrones season 8

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows on the planet and its final season is very close. It’s starting to air April 14 this year, so this is the best time to learn where you can watch Game of Thrones online either for the new season or recoup/re-watch some of the older seasons. With that in mind, the new season has a very interesting structure.

It has less episodes, in fact, you will have only 6 episodes this time around. But the way HBO created them is pretty much like movies. That really shows just how much work and commitment they brought in here to make every episode similar to a standalone movie piece. Some of the episodes have around 60 minutes, others are 80 minutes long or more.

The series has finished shooting Summer 2018, and since then they have been hard at work with post-production and adding special effects, among many others. The interesting thing in here is that there are no major leaks on who will die or how who will be on the throne at the end and so on. There was a supposed leak that stated information regarding the way this show will end, but they didn’t showcase that much, and no one knows if it’s true either. So, for all intents and purposes, the Game of Thrones ending is unknown, and people who vouch for specific characters might find themselves seeing their favorites die. It’s GoT after all, nothing is certain here.

watch game of thrones season 8

Are all episodes broadcasted at once or available on-demand right away?

Game of Thrones will come with their regular release schedule. Basically, we will expect every episode weekly starting with April 14, so the ending might come towards the end of May or so, depending on the HBO scheduling or how they will choose to share their episodes with the public. Chances are, by the end of May or beginning of June this year we will finally know the ending for Game of Thrones.

Where can you watch Game of Thrones season 8 online? Best free and paid options!


Obviously, the main and best way to watch Game of Thrones as fast as possible if you go and purchase HBO for cable. The important thing here is that you need to pay a monthly fee for it, but it’s great if you like watching movies on TV.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to stay in front of the TV and instead you just want to see Game of Thrones on the go, then HBO GO is a very good idea. It’s their on-demand streaming service, and you will be able to access it and enjoy some cool features and ideas. You have a limit of up to 5 devices to use this on, and most likely all episodes will be uploaded as soon as they end on TV.

Direct TV

Direct TV does a very good job at giving you access to all the episodes. They make it easy to watch on TV or online too. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to watch GoT if you want it on-demand. That being said, you will see that their price is pretty high. But if you already use Direct TV, then it might be very well worth the investment, so try to consider that to achieve the best results in the end.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime does a very good job when it comes to delivering this kind of shows and Game of Thrones is no exception. If you have Prime Video, you can check out a variety of movies, and that will surely come in handy if you enjoy it a lot. The great benefit is that you have a very good video quality, the streaming speed is good so all in all you do get plenty of value and quality for the money, which is what you need in the end.

Now TV

Starting with March 1st, 2019, Now TV is bringing in streaming for the first 7 seasons, and they are also covering season 8 the next day every episode is launched. Simply put, if you like the idea of watching Game of Thrones from the comfort of any device you might imagine, this works quite well. You will need their Entertainment Pass, but it’s going to be worth it for this.

watch game of thrones online


This is a free website where you can watch GOT at your own pace. It also features news and other stuff related to GoT. It’s pretty much a fan site, but you do get the option to watch every episode you want as soon as it’s released. Simply put, the GoT experience is set to shine and you will be incredibly happy with it as a whole. The video quality might not be amazing, and there are some glitches. However, you do get to watch game of thrones season 8 online, so there’s that.


MovieWorldTV24 offers you a very simple way to watch the movies you want at your own pace. They also cover TV series, and Game of Thrones is by far one of the most interesting sites out there. You do need to create an account to see any movies or series. But other than that you don’t need to do anything. Everything here is free, and that’s exactly why you need to check it out and give it a try, it will be worth it.


TopWatcHD is a good option if you want to watch free stuff. That being said, they do have the latest Game of Thrones episodes, and they are going to share the new episodes as soon as they are released too. Basically, if you just started watching Game of Thrones or you want to relive some of the great moments in the series, you can check out TopWatcHD right now and as soon as the series comes back.


OpenloadfreeTV doesn’t need any credits, subscriptions or anything like that. The website is free to use and you can access all of its features as you see fit. It really is one of the best websites online where you can watch Game of Thrones without having to pay for it. The website is full of content too, so you can watch just about anything you want at your own experience. You will be very happy with the results.


Cinewhale gives you immediate access to all the movies you want to see. Same with TV series. You have a plethora of amazing content pieces for you to check out and the best part is that Cinewhale is always updating their content. They act more like an aggregator, so either they have the movies here, or they guide you to other websites directly. The good thing is that you just have to select the series you want to see and that’s it.


You can watch all 7 seasons on iTunes right now. It’s not entirely sure when the final season will drop on iTunes, but it’s most likely that you will be able to check it out very soon, hopefully within days after it’s released by HBO. Either way, if you want a great place to watch Game of Thrones online, this will be it for sure.


PutlockerHD has a great interface, and it always pushes in front the latest TV series episodes and movies. That being said, they have a great search system, and all of that adds up to give you quite a lot of value and quality in no time. People watch GoT here without a problem and the video quality is decent too. It’s definitely not the ultimate place to watch GoT in 4K, but for the full HD screens it will be just fine, and you should check it out if possible.

Google Play Movies & TV

While this is not available everywhere in the world, if you live in the US you will be able to watch the content you want online and without a problem. The great thing about this website is that you have the video player and everything suitable for mobile viewers. So it’s one of the reasons why a lot of people choose to watch Game of Thrones on Android devices this way. And it’s by far one of the best experiences to check out.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of websites and platforms where you can watch Game of Thrones online. While not all of them will feature season 8 episodes right away, you will be able to see all the previous seasons right now. And the best part is that most of the season 8 episodes will be added shortly after HBO airs them. Simply put, if you love this HBO series or want to catch up with the latest episodes, these websites will help you quite a lot. Check them out right away, it will totally be worth it!

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