2 Most Killing Weapons in Game of Thrones

The story about Game of Thrones seems to never run out to be peeled. Various intrigues, dramas, conspiracies and various exciting conflicts attract fans. Including the weapons used in the story. There are 2 main weapons that are the deadliest devices in it. What are the weapon? How did these objects come from? Where can it be found? Let’s look at the following explanation that will definitely help for those of you lovers of the Game of Thrones series.


Dragonglass is a very common name in Westeros. Refers to a substance known as obsidian, a form of volcanic glass. Along with Valyrian Steel, Dragon-glass is one of two objects known to kill White Walkers. These objects can also kill Wights, zombies that are brought to life by the White Walkers or Night Kings. In Old Valyria, Dragonglass is known as zīrtys perzys, which translates as “frozen fire”. A large number of Dragonglass can be found in Dragonstone, the home of the Targaryens.

Dragon-glass is a very important object for the Children of the Forest. They use Dragon-glass as a weapon. Weapons made using Dragonglass are knives, daggers, and arrows. A secret that may be forgotten is that the Children of the Forest are the creators of the White Walkers (especially the Night King). At first, the Children created White Walkers to be used as weapons.

They created the White Walkers with a magic ceremony involving humans. The first White Walkers were created when Children of the Forest inserted Dragonglass shards into human chests. Now, the first White Walkers created by the Children of the Forest are known as the Night King. You may still remember when Samwell Tarly tried to save Gilly from the White Walkers attack. At that time, Sam accidentally killed the White Walkers using Dragonglass, since then he has studied Dragonglass more deeply.

Various weapons made of Dragonglass, possibly made from mines in Dragonstone. Until then, these weapons were used to hunt the Wights. Some of the weapons used for hunting include battle axes, spears, and daggers. During the Age of Heroes, it was also recorded that the Children of the Forest always gave hundreds of daggers made of Dragonglass to the Black Brothers every year. The purpose of giving the weapon was none other than to kill the White Walkers.

Valyrian Steel

Valyrian Steel is a form of metal forged during the heyday of Valyrian Freehold. When Valyrian metal is turned into a bladed weapon, it stays sharp forever, without even needing to be sharpened. In addition to its sharpness, Valyrian Steel is also known for its strength and lighter weight when compared to ordinary metal or steel. In addition, weapons made of Valyrian Steel have a distinctive sound pattern produced by these weapons.

Together with Dragonglass, Valyrian Steel is one of the things that can kill White Walkers. Although this thing is not widely known, even by the White Walkers themselves. Since the destruction of the Valyrian kingdom, most of the remnants of weapons made of Valyrian Steel have been inherited and spread across several noble kingdoms in the Houses of Westeros. The secret of making this weapon, known only to the Valyrians. Along with the destruction of the Valyrian kingdom, the secret also became extinct. After the destruction, the manufacture of new weapons using Valyrian Steel material became very unlikely.

Some stories state that Valyrian metal is filled with magic spells and forged using Dragonfire. Until now, no one has been able to confirm or deny the story about the Valyrian Steel. Materials for making weapons out of Valyrian metal were extremely difficult to obtain, even after the kingdom’s demise. The Valyrian Steel sword is likened to Ice belonging to the Stark kingdom. Something that had been passed down from generation to generation within a powerful noble family.

Skilled blacksmiths can reforge weapons made of Valyrian metal by smelting existing Valyrian weapons. However, it is a process that is not easy, it can even be said to be very difficult. Two Valyrian Steel small swords, made from a Valyrian greatsword. On the other hand, a large Valyrian sword can be made by fusing several smaller Valyrian swords. However, the problem is that the amount of Valyrian metal left in the Game of Thrones world is very small, even very rare.

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