Find Out Which Among Starks was the Most Courageous?


In the world of Game of Thrones, the Starks are at the heart of everything, and their deeds all across the series allow viewers to discover which among them was the most courageous.

Winterfell is the heart of the drama in Game of Thrones. They advance the plot of the series every time, and many of the stories in Westeros include them prominently. Honor and loyalty are the two great guiding principles of the Starks.

Which of them is the most courageous? Some, though not all, of the characters display courage all across the story. In Westeros, the choice between life and death may be rather cruel.

Rickon’s sad fate. He receives the worst treatment among all the Starks, and that’s quite something. Chased out of his house by Theon, Rickon and his companions Hodor, Osha, and Bran leave on their way to the Wall with Rickon in tow. The series ends by saying that the character will not appear in future seasons. Returning in season 6, he has his face ground into the dust by Ramsay in the twinkling of an eye, thereby putting an end to his return.

His son Rickon was never given the opportunity to develop his own person. Although he was mature enough to help and fend for himself, he remained a kid, guarded by those around him, from his elder brothers to Osha. Not even those who stood protectively in front of him could protect him from Ramsay’s arrows in the end. Rickon is the ideal example of a character that is destined to die since he does not understand the game the game. He may have forgiven them if they had been upfront with him, but the Starks did him no honors by keeping his identity a secret.

Bran’s personality is one of the many who were negatively affected by the eighth season of Game of Thrones. The series teases that his beginning would have followed the conventional hero’s path of trials and tribulations, followed by a discovery of strength. Even still, the program never delivers on the promise, resulting in Bran becoming a distinct character over the course of the last two seasons.

For the first four seasons, Bran demonstrates his bravery by journeying north of the Wall to explore his potential. Many admirers believed he spoke in riddles and was of little help once he became the Three-Eyed Raven. Instead of using his ability to aid in the last battle against the Night King, he might have done something to stop the fighting, but instead chose to do nothing and let numerous people perish. Rather than getting his acts excused, his failures in doing so make him look even more cowardly.
Many fans dislike Robb Stark because he isn’t an easy character to appreciate. Many are annoyed that many of the actions he made were utterly idiotic, mostly include being married to Talisa and killing Rickard Karstark. Although he reveals himself to be a superb fighter, Robb shows to be an idiot when it comes to military strategy. In the legendary Red Wedding, Robb Stark, King in the North, suffers a martyr’s death.

Even though he had many shortcomings, Robb was a courageous man. No matter how difficult the situation, he fought fiercely and led the Northmen to war against the Lannisters, never skipping a single combat. Lamentably, Robb’s rashness can’t be overlooked because both knowledge and courage are inseparable — without knowledge, it is just foolishness.

Even though she was born a Tully, the Starks’ matriarch was a real she-wolf. She was a formidable opponent, committed to helping her family at all costs. She becomes a vital player in the War of the Five Kings, counseling Robb, yet she commits several blunders. As soon as she sets Jamie Lannister free, their relationship becomes so strained that she ends up having among the worst confrontations in Game of Thrones history. Following their follies, she and her son die at the Red Wedding.

Catelyn had Robb’s courageous nature, but she was also reckless. Her determination to keep her family safe sparked her bravery and created an adversary who was easy to manipulate, but it also left her extremely vulnerable to manipulation from others. Catelyn made choices to have her emotions rule rather than her mind, showing that courage isn’t complete without the mental capability to back it up.

It is an accurate way to describe Benjen Stark to say that he is a narrative device. He is one of the least popular characters in “Game of Thrones” but is nonetheless a vital member of the Stark family, frequently coming to the rescue whenever the family is in danger. His position as a relatively non person was always open to interpretation, and the program didn’t care to probe into it more. Benjen is killed in season 7, leaving behind the many unsolved mysteries.

Benjen was one of the Starks with the most valor. Knowing that danger is just beyond the Wall, he travels into wild lands. He stays outside the Wall, defending the people who live beyond it. It’s a shame that Benjen didn’t have more character arcs to help further explore his fearless character, but it is nice that fans are still able to witness him demonstrate his heroism.

Although Lord Eddard Stark is honourable, he is also an idiot. The show’s primary character, he arrives in King’s Landing as Hand of the King during first season. To his credit, Ned truly believes in honor above all else, and makes the significant error of believing that everyone else holds the same convictions. Unfortunately, he is incorrect and sacrifices his head as a result.
Ned is often considered to be the weakest of the Starks in “Game of Thrones.”

His extreme naïveté almost got him and his whole family killed. Despite this, it cannot be denied that he was a valiant guy who risked his life in several wartime conflicts. He was Robert’s chief lieutenant during the revolt, and he was also a man of integrity both in life and in his job. Had he been a little cleverer, he would have been comparable to no one in all of Westeros. Following the footsteps of his predecessor, Jon serves as a fitting heir to Ned’s legacy. Maybe too good for him. Regardless, Jon manages to persist by inspiring people via his belief in justice and his highly optimistic view of honor. Because he is the ultimate hero of the show, he resurrects himself on the show as well.

Although Jon may be the fiercest of the Starks, he’s more stupid in the last two seasons. To live in Westeros, heroes require more than just courage. They need to have an agile intellect like Jon’s. Nonetheless, when the young Targaryen Snow returned to Winterfell, he made it clear that he was prepared to die in combat several times over. In the quest to accomplish what was right, he had battled the wildlings, the Boltons, the White Walkers, and even the soldiers loyal to Daenerys. There was a lot of stress on Jon, yet he never cracked, thereby showing that he was strong physically and emotionally.

Over time, Sansa was accepted by fans as a likeable character on Game of Thrones. She starts off as a naïve and annoying little girl, but she grows into a self-assured, toughened, and unyielding lady who would do anything to protect her tribe. While Sansa also learns from her family’s numerous failures, she is also the ultimate learner, absorbing the lessons of Cersei, Littlefinger, and Margaery and using them to her advantage. She does have a long learning curve, but she reaches the pinnacle of her profession by using what she’s learned.

With her bravery and unyielding spirit, Sansa demonstrates that courage does not always mean facing combat. However much she suffers, she refuses to let the agony to determine her. Sansa is confident enough to resist all challengers, be they monarchs, queens, or even their peers. She never admits defeat, and she’s always blunt. This is an obstacle to all the other potential rulers since they won’t want to interact with her because of her no-nonsense attitude.

Tyrion may be deluded into thinking Arya is the character with the finest tale, but in fact, she is the one with the most. Arya is modeled after Sansa, who studied from great tutors including Syrio Forel, Tywin, and the Hound, as well as Jaqen H’ghar. In this manner, she saw many new and different ways of life, met many new people, and learned new talents, but in the end, she discovered who she really was and reclaimed her identity.

Arya doesn’t had a lot of fear in her life. But her strength is rooted in a far more complex source. It comes from accepting the suffering as well as she’s brave enough to bear it. Arya is an angel of death; she has taken up the cause of protecting people from past wrongs. Her courage shows through in every single thing she does, whether it’s fighting a tyrannical king to save the town butcher’s son or releasing her vendetta and learning to focus on more essential goals.

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