HBO is developing two more animation “Game of Thrones” series

game of thrones animated

Game of Thrones-inspired animated slate is increasing at HBO Max. Just a single animated film was rumored to be in production in January, but now that outlet is working on at least two other projects, a person familiar with the situation told The Hollywood Insider. One of the infrastructure schemes will be set in a land previously unknown to fans of the series: Yi Ti, a country on the peninsula of Essos in Essos’ south-eastern corner, around the edge of the world as we know it. Despite its age, the civilization is one of the most modern and technologically sophisticated civilizations in George R.R. Martin’s huge fantasy world and is also comparable to Imperial China, just to how Middle Ages served as the backdrop for the TV series Game of Thrones. Though Yi Ti had just a fleeting mention in Game of Thrones, a planned prequel series called House of the Dragon will feature a figure who sailed to Yi Ti named  the Sea Snake.

One precursor live-action idea has been axed from the proposed Game of Thrones spin-off TV series. A project known as “in growth” that was modeled on life in King’s Landing’s famed slum, Flea Bottom, is now at a standstill. Sources report that this has been the most embryonic notion that was publicly disclosed and has never been verified by HBO. No official statement was offered on the two new animated projects from HBO Max. Meanwhile, the streamer is significantly boosting up its adult animation content with a new Batman animated series (to be created by creators J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves) already in development.
Only the House of the Dragon prequel (scheduled for 2022) has a chance of airing following Game of Thrones.

Additional concepts include 9 Voyages, from Rome designer Bruno Heller, which depicts Velaryon, who is portrayed by British actor Steve Toussaint, and 10,000 Ships, which follows the warrior queen Nymeria, a renowned progenitor of House Martell who built of the realm of Dorne. Martin’s upcoming AMC show, Dark Wind, is based on Tony Hillerman’s American Indian crime books, which was revealed the other week.

Game of Thrones Sequel Will Examine the Exciting Regions of Essos

I’ve always thought that Yi Ti’s Golden Kingdom would make a great Game of Thrones spinoff. At long last, HBO Max appears to have agreed. Erst, wollen wir das pflichtbewusste hinter uns bringen: George R.R. Martin will wirklich kein Buch zu Ende schreiben. You have to go through the grieving process in order to be able to admire the fact that there is still life in the skeleton of the HBO series Game of Thrones. There is plenty of narrative left, as seen by this new spin-off release.

HBO Max is working on highlighting various spin – offs centered in Martin’s fantasy realm of Westeros/Essos, The Hollywood News reported. This raises the number of animated Thrones spinoffs to three, following on from the last announcement. One of these animation projects’ settings remain unclear, but THR’s source indicates that the location of the third is situated in a galaxy far, far away. It’s really fun.

One of the three series currently in development will take place in the kingdom of Yi Ti, which is located in the northeast of the continent of Essos. Martin barely mentions Yi Ti in passing in his original series of books. In A Game of Thrones, Daenerys encounters a trader from Yi Ti, who was later mentioned to be from the nation located near the Jade Sea. Fortunately, at least, there is a whole section on the beautiful Eastern realm in Martin & Elio Garcia’s Ice & Fire Worldbook, The World of Ice & Fire.
There appears to be a whole lot of white people in the universes of readers of A Song of Ice and Fire or watchers of Game of Thrones. On a narrative level, Westeros is an accurate depiction of Middle Ages. While Essos is far larger, it is also substantially more varied. Similar to China, Yi Ti is trying to follow in the easternmost portion of Essos.

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