In Game of Thrones, There Was A Major House That Went Extinct

Many historically noble households rose and fell in Game of Thrones, albeit a few actually became extinct along the way. The numerous noble houses of Westeros strive for power as well as the Iron Throne in the titular war, betraying their allies, befriending their enemies, and weighing their loyalties. Families in the series are estimated by dividing, with a few prominent houses functioning as liege rulers for the smaller houses in their kingdoms. During the conflict in Westeros, the hierarchy of houses and who owns particular castles changes continuously as many families rise up or die out. Many historical houses with great titles, including as the Reynes, Casterlys, and Blackfyres, were exterminated long before the timeline of Game of Thrones, with new family names assuming their ranks and castles.

Tyrell House

For hundreds of years, the Tyrells of Highgarden governed the Reach as a Great House of Westeros. The golden rose in their house symbol informs their slogan “Growing Strong.” House Tyrell is controlled by Mace, the son of Olenna and Luthor Tyrell, in the Game of Thrones era. Mace, the lord regent of the Reach and Master of Coin for the Iron Throne’s small council; Margaery, Mace’s daughter who marries into the heir-apparent three times to Renly Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, and then Tommen Baratheon, during which she twice becomes Queen of Westeros; Loras, Margaery’s brother who is a highly acclaimed knight who was named a member of the Kingsguard;

Mormont’s House

House Mormont is a tiny, powerful dynasty whose insignia is a bear. They are one of the noble families who owe their fealty to the Starks of Winterfell. “Here We Stand,” the northern house of Bear Island declares, expressing their pride and fortitude despite the horrible humiliation that has befallen them. Jeor Mormont, the actual heir to Bear Island, abandoned his claim and titles after his son Jorah shamed his family by trading slaves, a practice that resulted in his expulsion from Westeros. After Jeor abandoned his claim, he became Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and his sister Maege became the head of House Mormont. Maege was the ruler of Bear Island until she died in the War of Five Kings, when she was succeeded by her young daughter, Lyanna, the deadliest young Lady in Westeros.

Clegane House

House Clegane was not a traditionally aristocratic house in Westeros, having just received titles two generations prior to Sandor and Gregor. The kennel master of Casterly Rock, whose dogs fought off the lioness attacking Lord Tytos Lannister, was the grandfather of the brothers. Tytos granted the Cleganes a formal seat and titles as a result of the incident, and their insignia was changed to three hounds on a yellow field. Sanor and Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane were the only heirs of House Clegane, and both became knights in King’s Landing, serving House Lannister.

Bolton House

House Bolton was a Great House located at the Dreadfort that paid loyalty to the Warden of the North, House Stark. It was one of the most vicious houses in Westeros. After their terrible torture tactics on their adversaries, their symbol was a flayed man with the phrase “Our Blades Are Sharp.” House Bolton is governed by the crafty and apathetic Roose Bolton for the majority of Game of Thrones, who cheats the Starks and has Robb and Catelyn killed at the Red Wedding.

Karstark House

Many of the old houses were left without mature heirs as a result of the War of the Five Kings, which meant that many of the new noble families would be youngsters. After her dad Harald was murdered in the Battle of the Bastards and her brothers and uncles were slaughtered for treachery against Robb Stark, House Karstark’s lone heir was Alys.

Umber House

The Umbers, another northern family with ties to Winterfell, fought alongside Robb Stark’s army in the War of Five Kings before joining with the Boltons against the wildlings and Jon Snow. Greatjon and Smalljon Umber were the Lords of the Last Hearth in the first few seasons of Game of Thrones. Smalljon betrayed the Starks by capturing Osha, Rickon, and Shaggydog before the Battle of the Bastards. You can learn Game of Throne’s history with watching it on 123Movies.

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