The Executive VPs of Game of Thrones meet with Peter Dinklage for an eOne agreement

peter dinklage game of thrones

While serving as the Director of original programming at HBO, Michael Lombardo created the fantasy series. He is presently the managing director of the independent studio’s worldwide TV department. After being out of the limelight for a while, Peter Dinklage is rekindling his professional relationship with one of the HBO execs who was instrumental in the creation of Game of Thrones.

The actor who plays Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, and the owner of the New York-based film company Estuary Productions, have signed a multi-year overall TV agreement with Entertainment One. the return of Dinklage to the HBO ranks reunites him with Michael Luca, the former president of original programming who greenlit Game of Thrones eOne named Lombardo its worldwide television head in June of 2020.

Estuary will, under the agreement, be developing and creating future programs for different platforms for the indie company, established by actor Dinklage with partner David Ginsburg. The relationship between Estuary Productions and HBO will be overseen by the company’s TV development chief, former HBO executive and Cinemax program VP Brad Sellers.

Lombardo expressed joy Wednesday saying, “I am happy to be reunited with Peter and Brad, as well as their business partner David.” Estuary’s writing staff has amazing taste as well as stellar industry contacts, and we’re excited to see what projects we’ll be able to do together.

Established in 2016, Estuary Films is now in development on American Dream, which is a motion picture, and is already working on Legendary, which is a film of potentially larger scope. In both images, you can see Dinklage. In addition, it has the film How for Becoming a Tyrant on Netflix, and many additional works in other media venues are in various stages of development. Dinklage will voice one of the characters in the upcoming animated movie This Was Our Agreement, which is based on the popular graphic novel written by Ryan Andrew (It Was Our Pact). The credentials of Estuary Productions also include producing the feature films My Dinner with M x and I Think We’re All Alone, which both starred Game of Thrones star Kit Harington.

It’s such an honor to partner with eOne and Michael on this endeavor. Michael and his team have a well-known reputation for partnering with top talent to produce inventive, high-quality television for a global audience. Dinklage shared, “We know this cooperation will be successful. Dinklage has joined fellow Game of Thrones veteran Bryan Cogman, who is also a Best supporting actor author at eOne, to be a general manager at the company.

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